Skin Food Banana Long-lash Curl Mascara

20131123-204801.jpgI came to Skin Food store yesterday and while I was wandering by myself, found myself some mascaras. I’ve been looking to try another Korean-brand mascara, after Tony Moly’s Maxi Volume Force Mascara (too watery) and Innisfree’s Soy Essence Volume Mascara (too thick and difficult to wash off) had failed me. This one, I’m bringing the Skin Food mascara that has really cute shape—that attracted my eyes—and just as the name of the product, it also has a cute banana shape. It’s said to be one of their best seller mascaras.



First time I opened it, it looked like there was not much products on the wand. When I applied it on my eyelashes, there was indeed not many products on that wand. Then I stirred the wand in the bottle then when I applied, it started getting better. But as it says on the bottle, it’s a long-lash curl mascara. Which doesn’t really give volume to your lashes. It’s really good to elongate your eyelashes, if you have thick eyelashes this product is very good for you. It also curled my lashes very good without using my eyelash curler.


It’s easy to rinse with lip/eye makeup remover It doesn’t say anything about waterproof but I tested it with water and it didn’t disappear or even smudged. It also claims to have banana extract, but of course no banana smell. It costs 6500 KRW, or $6.2 and I think this is the cheapest mascara I’ve ever purchased! (Not sure in other country)


left with mascara, right without mascara

I’m not the big fan of the wand because it seems like it can’t hold all the products from the bottle—or the filter scrapes the products on the wand too much—so there’s literally only little amount of product on the wand.

I still don’t think that this is the best Korean-brand mascara, but I should say that I’m impressed with only 6500 KRW it’s even a better mascara than Tony Moly’s Maxi Volume Force Mascara which almost as twice the price of this mascara. I’m also very impressed with the formula that’s not too watery nor too thick. So from scale 1-10, I’m going to give it 7.8! See how much I like it, and this is my new favorite mascara! Hope you enjoy this, and remember to always wear your best look! Have a great weekend!


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