Winter/Fall 2013-14 Make-up Trends

Hey! Been such a long time. I’ve been super busy but I do have some videos to edit and share in the near future. But before that I’d like to share this. This is NOT my video, but she’s one of my favorites makeup artist on YouTube.

I found a makeup artist on YouTube, her name is Hayley Jones. I requested her a Fall/Winter 2013 makeup trends and she did it. So happy and I love that she created some of her favorites and made it wearable to be worn everyday. My favorite part is the red eyeshadow, she really killed it!

She’s great and a really talented and smart makeup artist. What I love about her videos is that she talks about makeup tips and educates the viewers more and doesn’t just talk nonsense things that doesn’t really related to makeup. So check her out!


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