Skin Food Banana Long-lash Curl Mascara

20131123-204801.jpgI came to Skin Food store yesterday and while I was wandering by myself, found myself some mascaras. I’ve been looking to try another Korean-brand mascara, after Tony Moly’s Maxi Volume Force Mascara (too watery) and Innisfree’s Soy Essence Volume Mascara (too thick and difficult to wash off) had failed me. This one, I’m bringing the Skin Food mascara that has really cute shape—that attracted my eyes—and just as the name of the product, it also has a cute banana shape. It’s said to be one of their best seller mascaras.
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Fashion Photo Shoot – Behind the Scene

I’m bringing you a behind the scene video of photo shoot that I did with my friends. This video is the first behind the scene video ever from all of the photo shoot that we did. Finally, I feel so glad. It’s not uploaded on my YouTube channel, but may be I’ll upload one if I get some times.

The theme is warrior princess. We did everything so quickly and in such a hurry. From the idea and the concept even until the photo session itself was such a quick process. We thought about the concept 2 days before the photo shoot. The clothes was done at 3 in the morning and at 10 o’clock we went to the studio to did the makeup and shoot it. I did the makeup in such a short amount of time that I forgot to apply the mascara, if you can notice that from the video. 🙂

I’ll be posting the photos on my other blog very soon. Overall I’m so satisfied with the result, so have fun watching!

Winter/Fall 2013-14 Make-up Trends

Hey! Been such a long time. I’ve been super busy but I do have some videos to edit and share in the near future. But before that I’d like to share this. This is NOT my video, but she’s one of my favorites makeup artist on YouTube.

I found a makeup artist on YouTube, her name is Hayley Jones. I requested her a Fall/Winter 2013 makeup trends and she did it. So happy and I love that she created some of her favorites and made it wearable to be worn everyday. My favorite part is the red eyeshadow, she really killed it!

She’s great and a really talented and smart makeup artist. What I love about her videos is that she talks about makeup tips and educates the viewers more and doesn’t just talk nonsense things that doesn’t really related to makeup. So check her out!