Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler


Long time no see! Today I’m bringing you the review for Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler that I recently bought. I was in serious need of an eyelash curler, so I decided to buy one. I’ve heard a lot about this product.  So I thought why not try to have one.

The price is 30.000 KRW, it’s about $30. I think it’s a lot pricier in South Korea compare to USA or other counties.


When I bought this, the sales girl gave me another red silicon to replace, also I got 5 samples of its Liquid Airbrush Foundation shade 1, and a box of blotting paper.



This is how it looks like. This eyelash curler really attracted my eyes the first time I saw it because of the red silicon that it has. At first I thought the silicon was like a regular plastic that you usually can find on the regular cheap eyelash curler, I know I underestimated it. The silicon is the most amazing part of this curler. It holds your eyelashes and fits them really well.

I personally have never been a big fan of eyelash curler because I had an experience using a cheap one where the eyelash curler didn’t work no matter how long I held and how hard I curled my lashes, I even pinched my eyelid and still didn’t work. So I thought that I don’t really need an eyelash curler. But I was so tempted to have one, so I bought one.




As you can see, I haven’t used the eyelash curler yet. My lashes are growing down. (Sorry I didn’t wear any makeup at all)



You can see that all my lashes are fit to the eyelash curler and it holds my lashes really well. Also the sales girl taught me how to use the eyelash curler to get a better result. Just lift the bottom part or your fingers that hold the curler, move from curling the root of your lashes and curl the middle part of your lashes and then the upper part of your lashes. So I use this 3 paces to curl them. It gives such an unexpectedly amazing result.



See the result. It was shocking me at the first time I tried using it at the store and it still is. You can see the comparison of my right eye and my left eye. (I look terrible without any concealer, I know) This picture below is just to show you what it looks like after I applied mascara.




And I used Innisfree Black Soy Bean Mascara, which actually is not my favorite mascara at all. But I bought it because I ran out of my mascara and thought I had never bought any Korean Brand mascara, so I’d give it a try. It’s not that bad, but also not that good. This mascara isn’t really easy to be used because of it’s sticky consistency and it doesn’t dry that quick. I always made a mess with this mascara before knowing that curling eyelashes actually makes my life easier, but after curling my lashes, makes it easier for me to use this mascara.

So my personal opinion about this Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler is, this product is very good. I love it and I think this is one of the best product I’ve ever used. Also maybe with the help of mascara, my lashes always stay curled nice and high from morning till wipe them off at night. Curling my lashes becomes the most important part of my makeup routine. I know it is a bit pricey but I’m a believer of quality comes with a price, sometimes.

I’m not saying this is a must-to-buy product because I know everyone have their own personal favourite product. This is just my opinion, but I think this product is really great. I do apologize for any information that I accidentally forget to include, but if there is any or if you want to ask something, please do tell me by comment down below. Hope you guys have a great day!


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