Fall/Winter 2013 Makeup Trend


Fall Winter 2013 Makeup Trend

Hi Everyone! Let’s start my first post to talk about Fall/Winter 2013 Makeup Trend. Looking from many F/W 2013 fashion week we’ll see a lot of features that determine the look for this year’s Fall and Winter season.

The most obvious thing from the pictures above, this year’s F/W season is about strong eyes. Yes! It’s all about creating strong and bold eye shadow look. Smokey eyes are back in the game again after last spring and summer was about daring a bright lip color with simple eye makeup.

This strong look is focused to give such sexy look to the eyes with the smudged eye shadow and also a bit of glitter to the eyes for extra detail. Don’t forget to leave the lips nude or bare. Other things, eye liner also plays a very important part this season. A lot of designers created strong eye looks with eye liner, such as cat eye liner.

One look that I like the most from all of the pictures above, is the Phillip Lim look. It’s still the look from the last season’s makeup trend where you leave the eyes natural but the lips colorfully bright. But this time, because it’s Fall/Winter, choose more of dark berry lips. I’ve been seeing some Korean brands that also had been selling several dark color lipsticks for this season.

So grab your dark lipsticks and eye liner to jazz up this season’s look! I’m so excited to wear the look. Hope you all have a great time with the beginning of school and everything! Au revoir!


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