Welcome to The Makeup Look!


Hi! Welcome to The Makeup Look.

My name is Sara and this is my beauty blog. I created this blog with a lot of considerations and I had a lot of thoughts. One day I said, “Let’s do it!”, and the other day I said, “Don’t”. But in the end I was encouraged to create this blog because of the amount of wasted time that I’ve spent during this summer holiday of mine.

So, in this blog I’m going to feature reviews of products that I’m going to post as soon as I can (I have a lot of things that I need to finish first before posting anything). Other than reviews I also would like to do makeup tutorials, talking about new makeup trends, and other beauty-related stuffs.

I also have my other blog, my personal blog, where I pretty much put any random stuffs there. Click here to check it out. I’ll make sure to post as soon as possible. Au revoir!


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